Jewelry Starter Guide

Basic Starter Kit:
A dainty necklace with a small charm
A leather banded watch
A versatile pair of earrings
Rings of all shapes and sizes based on your preference

A lot of the items are pieces that i’ve had for the longest time, and each hold sentimental value. While these are old, they are literal gold in material and value. In addition, a lot of these items are either not sold anymore or can’t be bought in regular stores because they were custom made. Other similar items do exist, but this is my version of versatility in jewelry.

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I’m not one to buy or wear statement necklaces often which is why those will not be included. Dainty small charmed necklaces are perfect for causal and even dressed up outfits that don’t need much added to it. The Tiffany&Co basic heart charmed necklace used to be insanely popular, but doesn’t hold the same reputation that it used to. I feel that Tiffany’s may have a comeback and rise to popularity sometime soon, but that’s just me. For special occasions i’d wear more of a statement piece, but those aren’t exactly a constant situation so i’d chip in to versatility as opposed to wear one time then toss.

A choker, which is now a trend, a necklace I bought years way back when I was a child now fits as a choker and I adore the look and feel of it. I haven’t seen any choker with this design which is even better. I don’t like having the exact thing as someone else, so I like having my own take on the item. A lot of my clothing pieces are white, black or grey, so having a multicolored necklace is the perfect and only color boost that I really need.

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My favorite jewelry piece by far is a ring. I have so many rings, but that’s probably because I lose them faster than I lose hair ties. Therefore, I can say goodbye to the Cartier Love ring until I can get my act together. I can’t possibly have too many, and rings are typically just based on preference like any jewelry piece. As usual I like the most basic but detailed rings like the ones pictured. The first four rings were from H&M and the last ring is from Kate Spade.Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Watches are my least favorite, but they can still manage to add life to a dull or basic outfit. Leather banded watches like the Daniel Wellington watches have consistently been in style, and the Marc Jacobs watch style below is slowly drifting out of style. Is it time for an upgrade? Leather bands are also slightly more versatile so that’s always a huge bonus. The Apple Watch is for the more sporty/laid-back days, without being too overbearing. Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

For earrings, now this might just be me but a pair of pearl earrings are all I need. A pair of clean white pearls can go with any outfit, and can really perk up a boring outfit through pushing your hair behind your ears and letting the earrings shine.

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