Summer-Fall 2016 Fashion Trends

Trend List:

-A Vibrant/Spain inspired patterned item
-Lace-up Shoes
-Low-Heeled Open-Toed Shoes
-Lingerie Inspired Clothing
-A Tie-Neck Piece

While I am going to mention the trends to keep, I will mention the ones to push aside or don’t bother investing in. I envision these “trends”  simply just by walking into stores like Zara or Saks Fifth Avenue and eye the displays since, they typically provide a preview of what’s in for the season. I even tend to go to ElleVouge or W and see what they have to say about the new trends, because I’ve found that they’re always spot on. So many fashion sites and blogs post trends, but trends that aren’t exactly wearable or just really aren’t in. A lot of times I won’t even succumb to buying the pieces that are currently in season because more times than not they tend to be more on the bold side and not as versatile. If its a piece that I can’t utilize or alter into my wardrobe for the next, say summer season, and is very pricey then ill skip it. Since I frequently dress business casual/ formal, I try to keep most of my purchases with that style in mind. Especially for expensive purchases, I’d rather splurge on a blouse as opposed to a hoodie. That kind of a mindset basically.

For the Mesh-Lace I feel like this is a very versatile type of a piece because you can wear it any season, at any time. I’ve seen a lot of Meshy-lace materials where it isn’t directly mesh and isn’t directly lace, but a mashup. It’s a nice design overall but any lace piece should cover it. It’s kind of like this piece.

Suede is something that can easily be styled, but can be very pricey. Therefore head over to the faux suede. Many of my boots are suede and they’re some of my favorite boots but also annoying when it comes to rain, so keep that in mind. I have 2 faux suede skirts and in summer they’re very stylish but since they’re suede you can get away with wearing it  in Fall, Winter and Spring as well. I like suede mostly for Fall like these pieces: Fringe SuedeSuede Skirt

Spain inspired prints have been very popular recently, and while I may not buy a lot of this trend, in this case it’s design is very appealing but it’s versatility isn’t. I usually don’t wear prints of any kind or form, but I’ve really been lightening up to this trend and have been trying to find more and more pieces. The one I have can fit the trend as well as being versatile. This also fulfills the Tie Neck Blouse trend. The Tie-Neck items can easily be versatile especially for those who dress business causal-formal on a consistent basis.

The lingerie trend, I highly doubt will last for a long time because it’s just one of those trends that makes a grand entrance then everyone forgets about it the next season. It was popular in Spring from what I’ve noticed, but now in Summer it’s greatly reduced and in Fall, honestly who would actually wear that? Yeah exactly. Some pieces are well done, but some are just overpriced pajamas. The pieces I find may fit under this category that I’ve been wearing are these two skirts: White + Biege Underlay  , Lace A-Line Skirt.

The flat mule? More like a bedroom or house slipper that you can get from Muji  . It’s basically the same concept though, isn’t it? Check out my new flat mules guys.. All jokes aside, I can see the potential but it’s nothing to spend an excessive amount of money over.

The Low Block Heeled Open-Toed Shoes are seriously something I’ve always been like “You can’t be serious” and now I can’t get enough. The pair that I have and LOVE are these ones. They were perfect with suede, comfort-ability, heel height as well as that style factor. Block heels are also significantly more comfortable than regular heels, so that’s a major bonus in my book.

Off-The-Shoulder is probably my favorite recent trend. Whether its in dress or top form I love it. A lot of people are always skeptical as to what to wear under an Off-The-Shoulder top. To me its pretty obvious to just wear a strapless bra, the sticky petals, or just a bandeau. It’s pretty self-explanatory to me. It’s also very easy to style and dress up or down. I’ve seen so many people wear this specific piece to the point where if you threw a rock at a random group of people, the one you hit is probably wearing this basic Zara top.

I was looking for a good pair of Lace-up Flats for a while, and of course Zara came through. They were suede and a dark nude shade like these and were not comfortable in the least bit, but they looked really great on. Pro-tip? put on bandages before you wear these because trust me you’ll need them. It’s not even just these, I’ve tried a few others and they will still do the damage.

These are typically my Spring-Summer 2016 favorites and trends. All in all you never have to actually stay on, conform to, or purchase any new or upcoming trends. For the most part you probably already have these pieces, and even if you don’t stick to your own unique style. Just because its a trend doesn’t mean its an essential nor is it required.

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