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Tatcha typically has some of my favorite products, like the ones I have pictured, but their price range isn’t my favorite. The thing is though, their products are very good quality as well as their packaging so I mean you do get what you pay for. I have the travel sized Dewy Skin Mist which is like a sudden cult favorite, and the  Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. This Rice Powder travel size is marked at $15 but you can get it free by using code WELCOMEGIFT at checkout!

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I personally love ordering from a brands site directly because they tend to include a lot of free items and have the best customer service. The box had a huge Tatcha sticker on the side, and was very well packaged and stuffed to keep the items from being damaged in any way. More times than not, I’ve had my items damaged from poor packaging from other retailers. You can also choose 3 free samples, which was perfect because I always love trying out new products. Especially from brands that I’ve recently discovered that work well with my skin type.

The packaging of both items feels insanely luxurious, and I can’t wait to bring them with me on my next vacation. I bought these both specifically for travelling, but the mist is something I’d highly recommend if you love mists. First of all the the way it spritzes is by far the best design and distribution of product that I’ve used. It gives an equal but not intense spritz to the face and gives an instant hydration. It also provides an instant moisture surge within 2 spritzes compared to the 4-5 spritzes I usually have to use to get the full refreshing feel. Aside from that, even though it is travel sized, if you’re not willing to pay the original full-sized price at a hefty $48 for 40mL, definitely buy the 12mL for $15 because it lasts a decent amount of time. I personally do not use mists throughout the year, so a travel size always suffices. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Especially when you have dry skin like mine, when you’re on a plane at such high altitudes, its as if the moisture from your skin is being sucked out, so having a nice mist handy is always beneficial.

As a bonus in case you’re looking into the full-sized mist, I saw this great offer from QVC  for $48 where you get the full-sized mist as well as the Tatcha Blotting Papers which is valued at $12. That’s basically buying the mist and getting the Tatcha beauty papers for free.

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As for the  Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, this was the perfect cleanser by far to travel with. Mostly because its powder, which is a lot more travel friendly. Now obviously you’re not going to just dump a bunch of powder in your hands and rub it on your face (oops), you have to add a bit of water for it to form a gentle exfoliator-cleanser texture then apply. There’s an instructional video here just in case. I thought it would’ve just been a big tub of powder, but it actually has a very good dispense feature which allows you to take a more precise amount of powder. I wouldn’t use this to remove makeup so keep that in mind.It’s not exactly meant for that so I would just use it as a mild exfoliant like it describes. It really gives you silky smooth skin afterwards. I love to use this before I apply makeup because, it gives me a smooth canvas. I’ll definitely look into purchasing the full size, along with the mist!

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