Where Have I Been?

Take a peak at a mere week of my life, but vacation style. I flew into Miami, then a week later aka yesterday, I flew from Palm Beach to home.

Here’s my destination list:

Key West
Fort Lauderdale
Boca Raton
Palm Beach

So first up in Miami, uh Zika was booming but it’s a okay because no harm done thankfully. Aside from that the views and hotel were amazing, and most of my pictures came out meh due to the lighting so that was terribly disappointing. The restaurants weren’t really special, just over priced for sure. But we ended up going to my choice of location which was Vizcaya, and it was seriously amazing. Plus they have a student discount! I guess all of that tuition we pay comes in handy once and a while haha. You can read all about that here.


Key West was also very good, but a cruise ship got there the same day as me so it was insanely packed everywhere.  Great snorkeling and waters but very very hot. Sarabeth’s and Blue Heaven were good and key lime pies are literally in every single restaurant, but they’re all sooo good. I prefer the whipped topping as opposed to the meringue on top


Fort Lauderdale had one of my favorite hotels and the beach! I loved the water compared to the keys and I was even circled by around 7-9 baby sharks haha. Then later on a stingray started to come near shore so watch out for those when you’re in Fort Lauderdale Beach! From watching Shark Week to seeing actual sharks, woah is the only word to describe that.

Boca Raton was a super nice area, lots of huge corporations just to remind me of school and finding internships.. yay.. but aside from that our hotel had a creepy ghost vibe which was cool but a little more on the eerie side.

Palm Beach is seriously such an affluent area that I will personally strive to live there in the future. The area was so quiet and peaceful that you literally forget about all of your stress. Palm Beach is one of the areas where if you’re there, you know you’ve made it in life. Then I looked up the house price ranges and they were completely insane, so in a more logical manner, I might look into a different location.




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