Acne Scar ProTip+ Estee Lauder Review!

Estee Lauder makes some of my favorite makeup and skincare products, and this product just adds to the list!

The Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream Synchronized Complex II is an amazing eye product that I use to reduce my under eye wrinkles. I rub my eyes really often so I tend to get a lot more wrinkles than I should be, in addition to the 2 hours of sleep I usually get during the semester really takes an insane toll on my skin.IMG_1514

I don’t use this only on my eyes, but I use it on my smile lines and forehead as well. A major pro-tip I can give to you that I’ve recently discovered, if you use an eye repairing serum it tends to heal your acne scars significantly faster! I use several products so when I suddenly saw a major difference in my acne scar filled forehead, the only difference was this serum so there you go! It is an unorthodox alternative, but for me personally it works wonders!

It also has a silky/creamy texture which really makes your face feel soft and amazing! It is pricier than a regular “skin evening” product, but this one actually works.

Eye serums in general are usually a lot more powerful and effective than face serums considering they’re concentrated to one facial part.


I seriously love the spatula! Hygiene is crucial!

Now that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a great eye product because it really is! It’s very moisturizing and really gives my eyes the pick me up it desperately needs. I’m not even on the older side, age wise yet, and I’m already so worried about wrinkles. This my friends, is the world we live in. A 19 year old college student, buying wrinkle prevention products. What a life haha. Well early prevention is key!

I love Estee Lauder to the extent that I’ve been looking into interning there haha. I can’t find any internships for their companies anywhere though.. Does anyone know how to apply for those? 🙁


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