iPhone 7 Update + Review

So now that I’ve used this, it really only takes me about 20 minutes to realize every single thing I like and dislike about a phone. Now it’s time to list EACH and EVERY single pro and con of the iPhone 7 that isn’t sponsored content so you’ll know what I’m saying is actually true.

First up, iOS 10! What a surprise right? No because majority of people don’t like it and neither do I, but the thing is you’ll just have to deal with it. First, I hate when you get an iMessage notification or any notification at that, it stays there for a few seconds before it disappears. If you try to swipe it away, it’s also as if it freezes there? So many times when I’m trying to reply to emails, i’ll get a notification and it freezes there and then that whole portion of the screen is now ruined. You can actually reply to that text which is different from the previous software which you can type in a little bar to reply, but for iOS 10, it brings up  iMessage without going to iMessage. It’s cool, but it’ll take some getting used to. That’s the only new iMessage feature that I like.

Next, when you swipe up for control to you know adjust brightness and volume, they’re both separate tabs now..  For a company trying to make convenience it seems inconvenient to me. But again, it’ll take some getting used to. FullSizeRender.jpg

You also can’t “swipe left” on the lock screen to entire your passcode when the touch ID fails you, you basically have to double tap? I have no idea because the passcode option pops up randomly, but the Touch ID has definitely improved since the iPhone 6 in my opinion.

Now the actual APPLE Con was the shipping times? I stayed up till 3AM to make sure I got both my brothers Jet Black iPhone 7 and my Rose Gold iPhone to be both shipped on the release day September 16th. Well his isn’t being shipped till “2-3 weeks”..? I mean if I’m going to be ordering through Apple Pre-Order and at its release time, which was actually delayed till like 3:12AM instead of 3AM then I expected to get both phones yesterday.

I haven’t seen any “sold out” notifications or ads so I know it’s not sold out, they’re probably just too slow to send out the phones. *Or other means, but I’m semi-salty, so don’t take it too seriously*  I mean if you can have people lining up in the stores getting the phone before the pre-orders do then I honestly don’t know what to tell you Apple because pre-order probably doesn’t mean much to you. I couldn’t even ship to the store when I ordered at 3AM, so that was the most disappointing point of this whole story, and by the time I woke up they had that function, but not to any of the stores near me.

I know its not a huge deal, but I mean just get your system in order honestly. Other than that I honestly do love apple. I use Apple for everything so in the end it is worth the wait. The phone is beautifully designed and the new camera is pretty amazing. It’s also insanely faster than the previous iPhone 6. I love this phone overall and I think anyone would also, its just the getting used to iOS10.

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