My Travel Skincare Essentials

I’m going to do a little mini getaway soon, so I had to figure out my entire skincare situation. As you may or may not have clearly known, skincare is a major key for me.

My Travel Skincare Steps:
1.Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil packets
2.Fresh Soy Cleanser or Tatcha Rice Enzyme Powder with the Clarisonic Mia 2
3.Fresh Rose Mask (only in case my skin starts acting up)
4.Clinqiue Toner
5.Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist
6.Tatcha Camellia Beauty Oil
7.Clinique Moisture Surge Moisturizer


I keep my skincare at a “minimum” if I’m traveling because I don’t want to carry too many bulky products. I have a ton of Tatcha and Aesop samples to last me quite a few vacations.

I started with Clinique- then Shiseido- and now Tatcha. I reviewed the Rice Powder and Cleansing Oil from Tatcha here! I love using the rice powder with my clarisonic. My skin looks incredible after I use them together.

A lot of times I don’t do my skincare right away, (more like every time) which isn’t great so I use my Tatcha dewy skin mist to at least give my skin a bit of moisture after all of that cleansing. I usually love to apply the Tatcha Beauty Oil after toner because it makes your skin feel so smooth and supple.


Not a huge Fresh fan because the cleanser really doesn’t remove anything and makes your skin feel really uncomfortable, but it’s travel sized so I packed it. I have to go and pick up all of the Tatcha travel sized products honestly. I always switch brands with a new season I feel like.img_3305

I love all of these products, but I’ve been using the Clinique Toner since high school and it’s been pretty meh recently. I only use this for traveling because it’s my only travel option. I’m just too lazy to buy the travel sized bottles from Muji and fill it with my Shiseido Toner haha. The moisturizer though is seriously amazing. It’s perfect to apply during any season to have a perfect balance of moisture.




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