Recent PickUps ft. Hermès

I always impulse buy products after a tough exam(every exam is tough), but this time I bought a few gifts and got a few products from a meeting.

First up, this Hermes scarf (similar here) was a gift and I actually love it. I tend to drift to all black attire and accessories like bags and shoes, but this was the pop of color I needed!


I bought this Grown Alchemist set from the STELL before, but I repurchased it again because its the perfect size and a perfect gift!


LOLA recently came to my university and gave a ton of these sample packs of organic tampons out and their ideals were really interesting. These aren’t that much more expensive than the regular kind, so it really makes you wonder what harmful chemicals are they putting in these feminine hygiene products..


Glossier makes a great balm and that’s all I can say about it. I’ve reviewed it in a bunch of my other previous posts as well! Like here, here,here & here!
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