IGK Hair Review

I received these products during a product launch at Up&Down NYC and I was so excited to try them out.

First of all they’re vegan products. I’m not sure if that would mean better quality, but it’s definitely a lot more expensive then your everyday drugstore brands or hair products in general.

One con that turned me off from the start was the scent. The most chemical unpleasant smell that I’ve smelt for a hair product. Usually you want people to compliment you that your hair smells great, not that it smells like you just came from a toxic wasteland. I understand that it is cruelty free, but there are tons of cruelty free products that work well, smell great and are more reasonably priced.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

Each of these products are around $30 which is just a little bit too much in my opinion.

The Rich Kid wasn’t great. It made my hair insanely knotted and hard to wash out afterwards. Not a fan. I am willing to try it again, but my hair can only handle so much in such a short period of time..


Down & Out is supposed to be like a dry shampoo type of product, but again it made my hair feel incredibly uncomfortable. Now it wasn’t bad in terms of doing what it was supposed to, but at around $30, I’d opt for a drugstore alternative.


Smoke & Mirrors okay now this was supposed to be like a scalp detoxifier and this one actually wasn’t bad. I do have a lot of build up of product on my scalp, and this slightly helped that out. If anything, this was the only good product from the set.


Also randomly they included these three pieces. Not a fan of that “Hot girls” bobby pin, but the two hair ties are great!



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