Unboxing My Packages

A ton of stores are having Friends & Family or just sales in general, so I took advantage as usual. Now I’m aware that black Friday is next week, but I know that these specific brands won’t have anything better to offer me, so I jumped on these “pre-sales”.


First up, my new #1 brand, Tatcha. I’m gonna do a full review on each of these products after I try them out, so this is just an overview. ProTip, for their 3 free samples, I always get their Rice Enzyme Powders because,3 packets of those is about a weeks worth of product!

IMG_3806.jpgYou can even have them hand write a card, so I had one written from myself to myself because school has been insanely stressful. Whoever writes them, has beautiful handwriting so I tend to get one with every purchase haha.

This Ritual Discovery Set seemed amazing and a great value so I’ve been waiting for a sale just to get it. The Soothing Silk Hand Cream and Beauty Papers were a bit random haha.


Next, my #1 liquid lipstick shade from Colourpop is More Better, so since they had free shipping I just picked another one up so I can bring one on the go.


bareMinerals makes my favorite base products, and I needed a new liquid foundation now that it’s almost winter, and this bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation is my favorite. I use the shade 15 Honey!

I still have to do some more Black Friday shopping, so stay tuned haha



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