Tatcha Ritual Discovery Set Review

When Tatcha first started their Friends & Family sale, I immediately picked up this set and more which I unboxed here! I love Tatcha, but they are on the pricier side so the sale was much needed.

My favorite Tatcha item has to be the Camellia Cleansing Oil. It’s the best makeup remover I’ve ever used. Without being harsh on the skin, while moisturizing it at the same time. I don’t wear much eye makeup, so I can’t vouch for removal of intense eye makeup, but as for everything else it’s great. This was also part of their 7 Day Journey, which was how I found out about this product! You can read a more in-depth review about this Cleansing Oil and their Rice Enzyme Powder here.


They also included the Rice Enzyme Powder in this Set which was great. It feels and smells like rice, but I mean that was sort of obvious. I love the way this cleanses the skin without having that tight uncomfortable feeling afterwards. It gives the skin a great glow and is my favorite cleanser to use before I apply makeup!


I’ve been using this Deep Brightening Serum everyday since I received this kit and I didn’t see much difference, but for dark spot lightening it will take a while.  I haven’t had any breakouts from it, so that’s always great. Has it brightened my skin so far? 100%


This Moisture Rich Silk Cream is seriously amazing and seriously expensive haha. It’s so luxurious in packaging just like every other product they make, and it makes the skin feel so smooth and moisture packed. It does have Royal Jelly in it which is probably why it’s so moisturizing. A little does go a long way so it will last for a long time. I used it for a little over a week and now and I barely made a dent.


Now would I repurchase any of these items in the full-size? One I definitely would without hesitation is the Camellia Cleansing Oil. It isn’t too expensive with the discount and a lasts for a very long time so I would highly recommend that  item if you wanted to try out Tatcha for the first time!


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