My Luxury Holiday Gift Guide

I love gift giving and receiving but more so on the giving portion. It’s always great to see that someone enjoys a gift you give them, and even better when they actually use it.

So how do you make sure they actually use the product you get them? You can’t. You have to find out what they’re looking for or products they’ve mentioned throughout the year that they haven’t bought yet. These are products on the more expensive side because I don’t buy gifts for that many people haha. Of course you go more all out for the closer friends and family so this was my aim for these gifts.

  1. ANY Tatcha gift set. I have two sets and they’re phenomenal. For example, since I’m always raving about Tatcha a lot of my friends have been wanting to try their products. If you have the same issue, then you should pick up their Ritual Discovery Set! It has the perfect sampler of their best sellers. The other set is something that’s for someone who’s into moisturizing. It has my favorite mist and a great lip balm!IMG_4186
  2. A perfume set. This is one of my most common gifts even if I don’t buy them for myself haha. I recently picked up the Chloé perfume and the set I bought is a great value and perfect for gifts!
  3. Another common thing I do is to buy a few of those Sephora Favorites sets and split them up! You can make mini gift bags from the products by including a mascara, a lipstick and maybe even a mini perfume or nail polish!IMG_4166
  4. If you would rather not split up a bunch of sets, you can just pick up one of those value sets from Sephora or from the brands themselves. I love skincare so one that I saw that was good value was this GlamGlow set. GlamGlow is my #1 favorite mask of all time!
  5. If you’re someone like me who wears all black including black accessories, then this Hermès scarf is a great touch. I tie it on the handle of my bag and it looks amazing! It’s a great pop of color for someone like me. As for regular scarves, I recently picked up this YSL scarf and its super soft.IMG_4197
  6. A nicely packaged makeup item. This is for all of your friends who do flat lays or artsy aesthetic type photos for Instagram. Even if  you don’t like the product you buy it for the brand and packaging. I do all of the above with my Chanel Powder haha.IMG_4198
  7. Get them a pair of earrings or some jewelry. Now I’m not saying go all out, but get a nice classic pair of earrings. These ones pictured are from Brooks Brothers and they were insanely affordable.IMG_4199              I’m going to also post an affordable Holiday Gift Guide! So please stay tuned.

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