Tatcha Luminous Luxuries Set Unboxing 

I recently became obsessed with Tatcha if you haven’t noticed from my recent posts, so I decided to add to my collection.I picked up yet another set, well because their products are not cheap and they end up being cheaper in set form. Basically, here’s my Luminous Luxuries Set review.

One thing I knew I had to buy but passed up was their Dewy Skin Mist. It’s a mist that for once isn’t only water.


It has great ingredients and really makes your skin feel moisturized. I like using it right after I cleanse my face in the morning after toner. After I shower and use a cotton pad with a toner, I jump right to this.  Especially after masks, it can really take a lot out of your skin so it’s great to get that boost.


As for their lip balm,this was just something I really wanted haha. The packaging is so luxurious and even has a gold leaf inside. I mean it is also very expensive so it adds up. It’s great at mosutizing which I’m not surprised about. Tatcha makes some of the best products I’ve used.


  I actually really like their beauty papers. The packaging is really sleek too. It’s perfect for the really hot summer days!

I needed a travel sized mirror so this was perfect. It has a really vintage feel to it and it’s gold and has the Tatcha logo. Perfect. That’s it.

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