Save Those Lips: Lip Balm Favorites

With Winter basically already starting on the East Coast, chapped lips are getting too extreme. Especially if you’re wearing liquid lipsticks like me on a daily basis, you lips literally die from the brisk wind. So to help you and myself out on this matter, here is my latest lip balm rotation.

Product List:
Tatcha Camellia Lip BalmLove and Sage Sunday Morning Lip BalmMinerals Black Tie
Hollybeth OrganicsGlossier Balm Dotcom

Tatcha Camellia Moisturizing Lip Balm isn’t anything special on the moisture front, but the packaging and gold leaf sold me over. Is it still sufficient for winter chapped lips? 100% I only got this recently but I already love it.


This Love and Sage Lip Balm was featured in Marie Claire and I had no idea that it was so well ranked in the lip balm world. I had got it recently and didn’t know it was so well known. It’s actually amazing. I’m more of a jar lip balm type of person because I always feel like stick balms fall short, but this one is amazing. It smells amazing and moisturizes perfectly.


This Minerals Black Tie lip balm is a Vitamin E lip balm so its basically complete moisture. It’s perfect to apply over a liquid lipstick because it doesn’t ruin the matte-ness but perfectly moisturizes. The ingredients and formulations are great. I even use this on some of my more patchy spots haha.


This orange peppermint lip balm from Hollybeth Organics has a unique texture. It is organic so that’s obviously why it has a dense packed feel, but it swatches as a regular lip balm. It’s kind of like how coconut oil turns into that thick texture when its cooled. I actually really like this one, plus it’s organic so that’s always cool.


Glossier’s Balm Dotcom is probably the only product I like from Glossier. In general most of their products are basically overpriced drugstore quality, but this balm is great. It lasts for a super long time so you won’t have to buy another for quite a while. I also use this for any dry patches on my face during winter for a quick moisture surge.                                       For 20% off of Glossier products click here!


I also previously did a lip balm favorites here! I think the next balm on my list is the By Terry Baume de Rose haha. The packaging is amazing and I heard the product was great! I don’t think you could ever really find the “perfect” lip balm, but I’m definitely trying.

I’m going to be posting my next Lip Loves for Winter soon, so stay tuned!


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