My Top 4 Winter Coats

My favorite winter pieces are coats and jackets! I love how they can finish an outfit off just like a great pair of shoes.

My three staples are:
1.Burberry Brit Coat (similar here)
2.Canada Goose
3.Zara Coat (similar here)
4.Hobbs London Coat

First up, the Burberry Brit Coat is my main coat for winter. Until it turns to like 20-30 degrees I transition to the Canada Goose. I love this coat because it’s super warm, and it’s also insanely great quality of course. I mean you do get what you pay for in these 3 cases. This coat adds a bit of style even to the most basic outfits which is why I love it for University or even for work!

Next this Zara coat is for those slightly warmer days that always seem to pop up. This is one of my Fall staple pieces, but I also wear it in Winter if i’ll be wearing lots of layers or if I’ll be in doors all day long. It’s very warm for such a low price and its very good quality in terms of Zara. Always buy Zara products during their sales! It never makes sense to buy their products at regular price to me.

Canada Goose is a pretty common coat at university and I can see why. It’s perfect for the super cold winters that we have in NYC. It makes the snow slightly better because you aren’t freezing to death. It’s very warm, but not to the point where it would suffocate you and make you pass out. Perfect #1 winter coat.

Now the best for last. I  recently got this navy blue coat from Hobbs London and it’s literally amazing. The quality for the price is outstanding.It’s this Soraya Coat and I think it’s now my #1 go-to coat!

Also, check out my VSCO here! Haha I only seem to post there.


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