How to Get Birthday Beauty Freebies

My birthday happens to be in February, so at the beginning of the month I get so many emails about picking up my “free gift”. When you sign up for the email lists for some stores/brands and enter your birthday, they tend to give you a free sample or discount code on your birthday!

So far I’ve gotten some products from L’Occitane, Sephora, Ulta, Kiehl’s and promo codes from a ton of stores and one that I’m super excited for, Tatcha. Randomly enough, IKEA even gave me a free meal haha and a coupon so that’s kind of interesting. I’ve never eaten at IKEA so maybe I should go one day?!


So for L’Occitane I got a mini box consisting of a Cleansing Oil, the Divine Rich Cream and their well-known Hand Cream. I personally love all of these products, and when I’m away this summer I can’t wait to pack them with me. I haven’t used the cleansing oil for that long, but I’m trying to see if it compares to my #1 Tatcha Camellia Cleansing oil.


If you didn’t already know this, Sephora gives you a free birthday set every single year. Either a skincare duo or a beauty duo. I tend to opt for the skincare sets because I use way more skincare than makeup. I didn’t get my Sephora set yet, but I’ll definitely update you because I’ve never tried Caudalie products!

Ulta was giving a primer sample, but same with Sephora I didn’t get it yet, but I mean I never complain when it comes to free products haha. Just sign up for a free account as you would for any other store!

Kiehl’s gave me a free lip balm which i’m so excited about. I love lip balms, and I’ve never tried this one so I’m so pumped to try it out. The Glossier Balm DotCom is still #1 for me, but I’m always up to try new products.


I also heard that bareMinerals tends to send you a voucher/coupon for a free product, but on the day of your birthday. So i’ll definitely have to update this if I do get something. I also think Fresh Beauty is supposed to have a free item but I haven’t seen anything so not too sure about that.




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