What’s in my Pouch pt.2?

I put a question mark because I’m not even sure of what’s in my so called “pouch”. I pretty much just use this Saint Laurent Pouch that came with my YSL tote. I pretty much change products all the time or just throw products in here and there.

As of now I just have a few basic essentials and a few products for touch ups. I don’t carry a powder or anything because I’ll end up looking too cakey and I never feel like touching up my foundation. I’m lazy to the upmost extent plus my foundation hasn’t been moving at all recently so that’s great.

First up the two lip products are two of my favorites. The NARS lip pencil and the Chanel lipstick are both amazing. Sometimes I use the NARS as a lip liner sort of thing and then the Chanel on top. The Chanel lipstick is also super moisturizing so that’s a huge benefit for me.

I also like to wear mascara but I usually tend to forget to actually apply it in the morning or I just don’t have time so I carry this super mini bareMinerals mascara. It’s really great for that “my lashes but way better” look.

My favorite perfume at the moment has been the Chloé perfume, so I bought this set with minis and the one I carry is actually Roses de Chloé. I have a full review of it here! I have the full size as well, but the minis are always better in my opinion. I buy the full sized for the pretty bottle.

Hand cream is such a winter essential for me. My skin gets insanely dry during winter so I go through so many of these tubes! I like L’Occitante’s Shea Butter scent since it’s not as “fragrant” as the other scents. I’m not a huge fan of intense scents, so if you’re the same I highly recommend it.

Last is just hand sanitizer. I think everyone needs this because there’s so many germs out there and it’s gross honestly. I really like this Nature Republic hand sanitizer because the scents again aren’t intense and they’re moisturizing compared to Bath & Body Works.

Also, check out my recent post on how to get Birthday Beauty Freebies!  Midterms and dealing with terrible partners for group projects has really been a hinderance.


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