Montreal + Quebec

So I recently went to Montreal and Quebec and it was extraordinary. For one, the weather was insane, who would’ve thought -12 degrees Fahrenheit would be deathly cold? Literally everyone but it doesn’t even matter because you find yourself losing feeling to any exposed skin haha.. I feel like it might be more advantageous to go during Spring or Fall but I wanted to go and prices were great.

They actually even filmed a Korean Drama in Quebec City so that was insane for me since I actually love that drama and watched it with one of my good friends. The characters in the drama actually went to all of the main sites in Quebec City, so it was super easy to find places to visit. Everything was also in walking distance which was hilarious since they make it look completely different than it is. It is insanely beautiful though. Quebec City also has one of the best bakeries I’ve been too, Paillard. It’s super cheap especially with the currency conversion, so I really stocked up and as a result booked several SoulCycle classes haha..


The Canada Goose jacket I was wearing was definitely not nearly enough to handle the weather. So seriously layer up if you go there around March or their peak winter. How do they survive honestly, it’s insanely cold. I had to run into a store to stop myself from freezing to death like every 2 minutes, but the stores were quaint and completely different from something you’d see in a major city so I loved that.


I took like 500 photos in this street before I lost feeling in my face

They actually filmed one of my favorite scenes near this fountain so I was like ” omg they were here, we found it!”


I literally thought this was a completely different part of Canada for the scene they filmed here, but it was actually 5 blocks from everything else.


There were two huge dogs the size of small bears next to me and I couldn’t be happier in this picture, but you can’t tell since I couldn’t survive without that face mask.


THE ICONIC RED DOOR from the drama if you watched Goblin haha. I literally waited so long just to get this picture because a huge tour group found it seconds before me. Was it worth the wait for a basic looking red door that was in the drama for .2 seconds? YES obviously.


The iconic steps that I almost died from because the steps are insanely steep and half broken. Worth it for the picture honestly.


I bought these from Montreal and was super disappointed in them. Pretty pricey for stale macarons but the ones from Paillard were basically just like the macarons from Laduree( my favorite place) but less than half of the price of their macarons. Seriously just buy EVERYTHING from Paillard if you’re ever in Quebec City.


Then we went to the ice hotel. Hotel De Glace and it was crazy. Beds literally made out of ice?? Insane how people stay there, but it was beautiful.

Also be sure to check out my VSCO since I tend to post there more than anywhere else haha


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