To or Not to Use a Sheet Mask

My skin has been doing amazing recently. I’ve learned not to stress about things and let life happen because God has his plan for us. Living a stress free life is also amazing for your skin because those pesky breakouts will stop popping up. I’ve tried pretty much every brand possible in terms of Sheet Masks, and I’ve narrowed it down to 3 of my favorite brands. As a bonus, they’re all also very affordable.


I always get my Klairs sheet masks from Wishtrend. These Rich Moist Soothing masks are amazing. They are semi-sticky but the end result justifies the means. When I wake up, any minor pimples are reduced and my skin looks brightened. It also doesn’t break me out, which is something I deal with for a majority of sheet masks. It’s hard to find a good sheet mask with quality material & ingredients while being at a reasonable price.

My skin has gotten extremely dry recently, so I’ve been having to use sheet masks quite often. In general, use a sheet mask because it’s amazing for your skin and acts as a mini relaxing session for yourself. If you don’t like putting paper on your face, then you might not like this.


Nature Republic is a brand that I go way back in, in terms of Korean skincare. I love their cotton sheet masks, but their gel masks are insanely strange to me. I hate the way they feel to the point where I didn’t even want to wear it. Regardless of my picky needs, the formula of the essence was definitively higher quality. Their sheet mask and Innisfree are always my go to if I’m not sure of what to pick because it’s always the same glowy end result.


Innisfree is the first brand I’ve ever tried, and it is the best brand for affordable masks. I love strawberry, rose, rice and lime because they’re great for brightening the skin. My skin tends to get very dull, so these are a great pick me up. I especially use these the day before a major presentation or an event. It really makes your makeup just glide on.

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