Essentials of Skincare

I’m currently reading Essentials of Investments for my Finance class, so I figured to avoid reading that any further I’d write about the essentials of skincare. If you’re just starting out in skincare, two things or the essentials you need are a cleanser and a moisturizer. Another all in one pick me up is a mask that gives great results.


So first up, cleanser. One of my original favorite cleansers is this Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser. It gets all of your makeup off without stripping the natural oils from your skin, therefore none of that tight uncomfortable feeling skin. For a first cleanser I definitely think a foaming cleanser is one of the most foolproof, because you just lather it in your hands and gently massage over the face. I also love one from Origins, Shiseido, Tatcha & Clinique! All completely different formulations, but all great for those with dry/combination, sensitive & acne prone skin.


Moisturizer. This is something that’s incredibly hard for me to find. For far the only two that I’ve actually loved enough to repurchase are two from Clinique. First up, my #1 favorite of all time Clinique’s Moisture Surge. The one I originally used, the Dramatically different moisturizing lotion, wasn’t enough once my skin changed and got very dry. The DDML is meant more for those with combination or oily skin. The moisture surge is perfect for my dry skin and it’s a great base before my makeup! Nothing else needed to say, the product speaks for itself.


Optional: Masks. I find that Glamglow works really well for my skin type, but it’s very expensive. You really get what you pay for because I’ve found that every dupe out there doesn’t come nearly as close with the end results of Glamglow. My skin looks even and brightened after I put this on. I use it once a week or once every other week. I especially love to use this the day before a big interview because it makes my skin look absolutely amazing and provides a smooth base for makeup application!


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