Barcelona: The Good & Bad

So I recently went to España and my first stop was Barcelona. First of all, I haven’t been abroad in quite some time, and I forgot about how long immigration can take. The airport in Barcelona (BCN) had 0 air conditioning while we were waiting in a massive line, plus the line took nearly 2 hours which was a horrendous start. Also they profile people insanely in Spain. We had several additional security checks done which they only did to certain people. Very far from random. Aside from that in every airport we had to go to, the trip was great.

The best burger place in all of Spain was definitely Foc i Oli. A very small place, but definitely the best burgers I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a ton of burgers in my time. The guys working there are extremely nice and speak very good english. If I were to ever go back, I’d go back there at least twice.

Tons of good tapas places, but nothing too memorable. One I could definitely recommend is Cervecería Catalana, but the line is always insanely long and not too far from them was Ciudad Condal which was much more reasonable.

As for touristy things, hop on hop off bus routes are extremely long. If you’re prone to motion sickness then I’d advise against it because the routes are over an hour plus bumpy roads and constant stop/go. We ended up getting the two-day pass and I got sick each day haha.


Passeig De Gracia

I took this while going to Zara because heads up for my friends in the U.S., it’s much cheaper in Spain than in the U.S. Like for reference, this top I got for 30USD there is 50USD here. But a lot of hidden gem items are found in the small fashion boutiques and stores only within Europe or Spain.


Palau De La Generalitat 

One thing I loved about Spain was how many like town centers they have haha. The buildings and architecture are insanely beautiful there, but the heat is intense so we took   a ton of breaks.


Palau De La Generalitat 

These narrow random streets tend to be great for photos and they’re also insanely interesting to walk through since you don’t really get to see things like that very often.


Cathedral of Barcelona 

These small streets got slightly sketchy, but they were so cool honestly. It reminded me of Twilight for some reason ahah. Also the Cathedral are stunning. It’s crazy to even imagine how they can build something so beautifully with such intricate details.


Jardins de la Reina Victòria

I remember I took this photo out of exhaustion haha. 2 days in Barcelona was not nearly enough, especially after an insanely long flight. The sun started to ease up, and anytime we had shade we took so many photos.


National Art Museum of Catalonia 

I ended up getting really motion sick on our second day, and as a result one of the stops on the hop on hop off bus was this museum, and its honestly an amazing one. It was a hidden gem because I didn’t hear anyone rave about it but tickets were cheap and the views were amazing. They had a great restaurant with a view of the entire city, however it was booked up due to some business conference. Sad.


National Art Museum of Catalonia

Me pretending to be interested in this painting. Actually I’ve discovered a love for art while in Spain since we went to so many museums. I love them now, and I’m gonna go to every single one in NYC now haha.


Plaça de la Sagrada Familia

For Sagrada Familia, I’m telling you these tickets SELL OUT SO FAST. My gosh buy them ASAP because we had to get ours like at least a month beforehand. It was definitely beautiful and very packed. I got the basic tickets and honestly here, that’s all you really need.


Sagrada Familia 

The heat outside of the church is INSANE and the line to get back on a bus is incredibly long and irritating. Not a fan of hop on hop off and probably wouldn’t recommend it. They’re overpriced tickets because taxis there aren’t too expensive, so take a taxi and save yourself the hassle.


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