Granada: Alhambra?

Right after we went to Barcelona, we took a flight to Granada! This is by far my favorite part of Spain. It has rustic and historical vibes with small streets that makes it insanely easy to get lost, but that’s the fun part. If I were to ever go back to Spain, I think i’d come back here. The food is amazing and the Alhambra takes a TON of time so definitely plan ahead and buy your tickets ahead of time. They’re always sold out in person, so always buy online beforehand.


We stayed right in the city center so these beautiful streets were everywhere. There’s so many town squares that makes you feel like you’re in a different world in each one. The floors were so smooth it was insane. It’s very clean in all of Granada which was really impressive.


Everyone here was extremely nice and willing to help if you got lost (me every 5 seconds) and the stores are really dope/affordable. The restaurants were extremely affordable and the food was amazing. Definitely get croquettes, I love those so much haha.


After we rested and made it through the first day, we visited the Alhambra which was quite the experience. The sun was insanely hot so that made it terrible since its a ton of walking and everything is generally outdoors. If you get a walking tour in Alhambra, let me just tell you: don’t.  Do NOT even consider it. If it’s hot out and the sun is sharp you’ll give up after 5 minutes. I personally didn’t take a tour but the tour groups take an extremely long time, so if  you’re into that go ahead, but I lack patience haha. Honestly the guy said “this door has great colors”, what a great & overpriced tour.


I took so many dope pictures in this garden honestly.


Also watch out for the stairs with any water on them, they’re extremely slippery.  Also random fact, pretty much every museum is either free or highly discounted for students! (thanks NYU) Definitely abuse this and go to the Picasso museum.


Apparently he built the palace for his wife? But if you ask me it’s as if he hated the woman because all there is is extreme heat, intense stairs, long walks and the fact that you can get lost so easily. Still go visit though, it’s so beautiful and worth every cent. Can you imagine a guy doing that for you now? Yeah, me either. BUT, you never really know tbh.


The ceilings in the palace were my favorite part by far. The details were exquisite.


Bonus pic of me ahaha



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