Madrid: Museums & Palaces

There happened to be a major soccer game going on, so they decided to close the streets of Gran Via. Of course being the tourist I am, stopped for a quick pic. Gran Via reminded me so much of NYC which was great but I love small towns like Granada way more.


Lots of great shopping though! Especially this store called Sfera? Really good “work” type of clothes!


Outside of the Palacio which was an amazing place to visit. The design and architecture were incredible.


I love fountains, so of course I had to take a picture in front of one haha.


The palace was one of our main destinations as was the Museo Nacional Del Prado. I actually started to love museums because of Spain. Aside from that, I had one of the best steaks I’ve ever had from Restaurante La Cabana Argentina. Make a reservation and definitely visit them. Definitely the restaurant highlight of my trip!


I saw some of my favorite pieces of artwork at the Del Prado. I’m forgetting the name of one of my favorite paintings but it was of a man who was fighting off his personal demons, but the artistry was impeccable.


It was super early in the morning in this picture and the roads were calm, which is very rare in my opinion.


I walked to pretty much everything in Madrid because the traffic made 0 sense to get a hop on/ hop off bus so always stop and take a photo to not be as tired. It was also 100 degrees Fahrenheit so I didn’t want heat exhaustion ahah. My next guide will either be of New Zealand or Italy. What do you think?




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